I enjoy speaking at conferences and events as part of my mission to support the development of women leaders in the City. One of the subjects I speak about is applying the insights from neuroscience to leadership development. Aligning with the brain's approach to developing relationships, optimising thinking and maximising productivity, for example, allows leaders to achieve better results in a shorter timeframe - whilst creating a balanced approach to both work and the rest of life.

I believe we need "Developed Leaders" who are able to create a balance between the many facets of their leadership role whilst also finding a “brilliant balance” between work and the rest of life.

I am particularly keen to talk to groups of current and aspiring women leaders in the City to assist them in developing the balance – both within their roles and between work and the rest of life – necessary for sustainable careers. This balance has tremendous benefits for both the women themselves and the organisations for which they work.

If you would like to learn more about how I help women become "Developed Leaders", please go here.

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Some Previous Events

9th March 2017

CII and CMI Women's Forum - Joint Event

How to Get Ahead through Strategic Career Planning and Developing a Leadership Mindset

January 2017

Confident Mother Global Online Conference

How to Develop A Confident Mind-set and Create a More Balanced Life

Part of the Confident Mother Global Online created and hosted by Sherry Bevan

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"I invited Catherine to talk at The Confident Mother 3rd annual online conference. The theme of this year's event is confidently balancing work and life. Catherine shared her thoughts and knowledge on How to develop a confident mind-set and create a more balanced life. She explained what we can learn from neuroscience to build and nurture our confidence at work.

My audience (ambitious women in the City, in technology and professional services) really enjoyed Catherine's talk.

As the event host and organiser I found Catherine to be very easy to work with. Professional, prepared and poised.

Thank you Catherine for being a fabulous contributor to the event."

Sherry Bevan 
Conference Host and Organiser In January 2017 

13th October 2016

Webinar: The Role of HR in Developing Women Leaders

29th September 2016

Evening Workshop - Developing Women Leaders in the City

City Business Library - Aldermanbury, EC2V 7HH

22nd September 2016

HR Breakfast - Empowering Women Leaders in the City

City Business Library - Aldermanbury, EC2V 7HH

21st July 2016

Evening Workshop - Developing Women Leaders in the City

City Business Library - Aldermanbury, EC2V 7HH

19th January 2016

High Potential Talent Europe Conference - Chair of Day One

High Potential Talent 2 - Catherine Cuffley
High Potential Talent 1 - Catherine Cuffley

"Catherine recently chaired Day One of TMA's High Potential Talent conference and did a fantastic job. She was extremely professional to work with, and made sure every element of the day ran smoothly, thanks to her attention to detail and careful planning.

Catherine had a friendly and personable approach, making all of our speakers feel welcome and at ease on the day. I look forward to working with Catherine again in future!"

Lucy Brennan
Conference Organiser 

4th November 2015

CIPD Annual Conference - Performance Management workshop

Aligning Your Performance Management System to Your People and Business Needs

1st October 2015

CII Talent Forum

Talent and the Brain: Applying Insights from Neuroscience to Enhance Learning and Maximise Performance

"At a market event on talent management, Catherine delivered a presentation on neuroscience, and how we can use our understanding of it to improve workplace relationships and performance. Catherine's presentation was interesting and engaging; she successfully made a complex subject accessible and relevant to the workplace, giving the audience plenty to discuss and think about afterwards. Working with Catherine was a pleasure, she is extremely professional, friendly and reliable."

Amanda Touhey 
CII Learning & Development Forum Committee Member 

3rd June 2015

Leadenhall Consulting 3rd Annual Conference

Neuroscience and Culture: Applying Insights from neuroscience to optimise culture for sustainable success

Catherine at Leadenhall Conference

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17th March 2015

Lloyd’s Agency Training Group

Brain Power: How applying insights from neuroscience creates transformational leadership development and lasting change

“Catherine’s presentation was informative and engaging and allowed the L&D professionals to gain an understanding on the complex subject of Neuroscience and raised many questions from the group on how to take this forward in their own organisations"

Gill Nichols 
Senior Executive, LMA Academy, Lloyd's Market Association 

3rd December 2014

CIPD Performance Management Workshop

Harnessing the Power of Performance Management through Strategic Alignment and Applied Neuroscience

"The workshop was really interesting and interactive, with useful examples. The topics raised during the workshop were new for me and useful. Thanks to the speaker Catherine Cuffley and to CIPD for the practical, involving workshop."

A Workshop Attendee 

11th June 2014

CIMA – South London Branch

Neuroscience and Leadership for Finance Professionals

“Thank you for an outstandingly good talk yesterday. Many of our members go on to lead FTSE companies, and your material was perfectly tailored to their needs; included helpful and memorable tips and was delivered in an engaging way – well done! So, a very successful event all round. I have no hesitation in recommending that we include Catherine’s talk in future programmes at other CIMA Branches.”

Pat Shroff 
Chair CIMA, South London Branch